oifits - A Tool which makes understanding EHT Data Easy

oifits is an open source pure Python package dedicated to problems arising in Interferometry data parsing. The problem of understanding the open data that is provided by Event Horizon Telescope team on VLBI Reconstruction Portal (http://vlbiimaging.csail.mit.edu) is complicated. All the radio interferometry data is generally stored in OIFITS file rather than a normal FITS file. There is a lot of Radio Astronomy specific data that has to be taken out and understood before working on the acquired data and analysing it. OIFITS is a standard for exchanging data for Optical (Visible/IR) Interferometry, and is based on the FITS Standard. Since mm/sub-mm VLBI shares a lot of similarities to optical interferometry, this format is better suited for mm/sub-mm measurements than UVFITS.

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oifits is developed by an open community. Release announcements and general discussion take place on our mailing list and chat.

The source code, issue tracker and wiki are hosted on GitHub, and all contributions and feedback are more than welcome. You can test oifits in your browser using binder, a cloud Jupyter notebook server: